Daniel Jay Entertainment

Ventriloquist, Mentalist, DJ, Karaoke


Daniel Jay has been practicing and performing ventriloquism since third grade and specialize in family entertainment.


See the amazing power of the mind with Daniel Jay's Mental Acrobatics. Predictions, readings and puzzles solve in unique ways. Daniel Jay pushes the power of the mind to its limits.


Using a state of the art Bose system along with Shure wireless mics you get a great entertainment experience. Great karaoke list as well as a large video library. Add lights for a really unique evening!

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Contact Daniel Jay about any of his performances by clicking on this link! We look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Welcome to My New Page!

    Hey all.  Welcome to my new entertainment page.  I’ve been wanting to put a page together that emphasizes all the different types of entertainment that I offer and links to all my different pages.  After discussing it with my family […]

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What Do Our Clients Think?

Reviews from Happy Clients!!

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Daniel Jay Music. We received everything we asked for and then some! Also they were very nice and easy to work with.

Alethia Robison

We hired Daniel for our Blue and Gold cub scout event and he was a huge hit with not only the kids but the parents as well! Fuzzballs name was being chanted for an encore and the kids wished he had never left. His witty dialog also kept the adults entertained and more then a few commented on him positively at the end of the night. His price was well worth the service we received and he made this years B&G the best yet for our troop.

Michael Hughes

Daniel was not only a HIT with our Kids Club members, but he also brought smiles and laughter to the entire room which was filled with people of all ages! It is such a breath of fresh air to find someone who is able to entertain children and adults! We will definitely hire Dan again in the future.

Tiffany B. Bell Marketing Director Eastwood Mall